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Advisory board
Here you can find an overview of the advisory board members

Advisory boardA scientific advisory board composed of researchers and clinic directors has supported the TCM Center in an advisory capacity since April 2010. Our picture shows the board in February 2017 with the Director of the TCM Center Dr med Sven Schröder (5th from L). The individual members are: Dr rer nat Harald Eifert (far left), Prof Dr phil nat Florian Beißner (2nd from L), Dr med Rainer Nögel (3rd from L), Prof Dr med Wolfgang W. Höpker (4th from L), Prof Dr med Christian Gerloff (6th from L), Chairman of the Advisory Board Prof Dr med Udo Schumacher (5th from R), Dr Roland Salchow (4th from R), PD Dr rer nat Marina Jendrach (3nd from R), Prof Dr rer nat Wittern (2nd from R) und Prof Dr rer nat Thomas Efferth.

Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Florian Beißner: Lecturer in systems neuroscience at Hannover Medical School

Dr. Beißner initially gained a doctorate in physics. From 2006 to 2008 he studied for a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Porto. In the course of his doctorate, he developed new approaches to the fMRI measurement of autonomic centers in the human brainstem at the Brain Imaging Center in Frankfurt which he also applied to researching the antiemetic effects of acupuncture. He then held postdoctoral posts at the psychiatric unit of Jena University Hospital and at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Harvard-MIT, USA. Since 2014 he has been head of the research group for Somatosensory and Autonomic Therapy Research at Hannover Medical School. Dr. Beißner is unusual in his knowledge of both modern medical technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Prof Dr rer. nat. Thomas Efferth: Head of the Department for Pharmaceutical Biology in the Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Born 1960. Biologist. Dissertation at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. Post-doctoral qualification at the TU Aachen in 1997. Adjunct Professor at the University of Heidelberg since 2007. At University of Mainz since 2009. Additionally Professor in Harbin and Hangzhou. Research into molecular pharmacology and toxicology of natural products (analysis with – omics technology – molecular docking) and into pharmacogenomics and personalized tumor treatment. His goal is to integrate the medicine of natural products and phytomedicine into western medicine.

Dr. rer. nat. Harald Eifert: Head of the Hamburg subsidiary of EurA Consult AG

Born 1961. First degree and PhD in physics (TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld) in parallel with a post at the IFAM Fraunhofer Institute in Bremen, where in 1993 he headed a research group. From 1996 to 2001 he was director of a Fraunhofer research center in Delaware, USA, and a professor at the University of Delaware. Subsequently he spent 12 years as chairman of the innovation foundation Innovationsstiftung Hamburg. Since 2013 he has headed the Hamburg subsidiary of EurA Consult AG. Dr. Eifert is very well informed about the foundation system.

Prof Dr med. Christian Gerloff: Director of the Clinic for Neurology at the UKE

Born 1963. Doctorate 1991 in Freiburg, then research fellow at the University Medical Center Tübingen. 1995 – 1997 at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA. Post-doctoral qualification 2000. Professor and Director of the Clinic for Neurology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf since 2006. Clinical specialties in the treatment of stroke patients and multiple sclerosis. Awards including from the board of trustees of ZNS, Hannelore Kohl foundation. He is also a reviewer for the DFG, the German research funding organization.

Prof Dr med. Wolfgang W. Höpker: Honorary President of the Deutsch-Chinesischen Gesellschaft für Medizin (German-Chinese Society for Medicine)

Born 1942. Studied medicine in Hamburg and Heidelberg. Doctorate 1970. Post-doctoral qualification in pathology 1974. 1987 – 2007 Senior Consultant at the Institute for Pathology at Barmbek General Hospital, At the Institute for Pathology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf since 2007. Considerable time in China (Hubei Province) till October 2010 as advisor on developing pathology as a model. Honorary doctorates and professorships from numerous Chinese medical universities and schools of medicine.

PD Dr rer. nat. Marina Jendrach: Biologist at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Born 1969. Studied Biology in Kiel. Diploma in microbiology. Dissertation on “Internal Ribosomal Entry in a (bicistronic) Coronavirus mRNA” at the Institute for Virology and Immunology, University of Würzburg. At Goethe University Frankfurt since 2002. Author of papers on cell biology, receptors on cell membranes, aging of primary cells, the role of mitochondria.

Dr med. Rainer Nögel: Specialist in internal medicine – naturopathic treatments, Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Registered in a group practice for Chinese medicine in Munich

Studies in Munich, London and China. Has worked with Chinese medicine for over 20 years. Examiner for the acupuncture field for the Bavarian Medical Board of Registration. Co-author of a literature database on TCM and of “Gesundheit für alle” (Health for All, 1999), “Leitfaden Chinesischer Rezepturen” (Guide to Chinese Prescriptions, 2006), “Rezepte in der Chinesischen Diätetik“ (Prescriptions in Chinese Dietetics, 2008), “Pulsdiagnose in der TCM“ (Pulse Diagnosis in TCM, 2010). He is President of SMS, the international society for Chinese medicine, the oldest and highly acclaimed TCM specialist society.

Dr. Roland Salchow: Physicist, born 1945. Degree in relativity theory, dissertation on quantum physics and solid-state theory

Director and Professor at the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany till 2001. Then Hamburg State Secretary for Science and Research till 2008. Dr. Salchow retired as Director of the HanseMerkur TCM Center at the UKE on December 31, 2015; he remains associated with the institute in an advisory capacity.

Prof Dr med. Udo Schumacher: Director of the Institute for Anatomy II at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Studied in Germany and the USA. Dissertation 1986. Till 1991, research at Munich University (i.a. on AIDS). Till 1997, at Southampton University. Currently working on questions concerning tumor development and metastasization. Research funded by Dr Mildred Scheel Foundation for Cancer Research.

Prof Dr rer. nat. Wolfgang Schwarz: Biophysicist

Born 1943. Diploma in solid state physics and dissertation in biophysics at Max Planck Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt; linked to professorship at Goethe University, Frankfurt; professor emeritus. Since 2004, Director of the Cell Electrophysiology Laboratory in Shanghai. Professor at Fudan University. Working on connections between fundamental cell mechanisms and possible influence of TCM (acupuncture, herbs). Chairman of DCFG (German-Chinese Research Society for TCM).

Prof Dr med. Rolf A. K. Stahl: Senior Consultant at Medical Clinic III at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). Physician for endocrinology and diabetology, specialist in internal medicine, nephrology and rheumatology

Born 1948. Medical dissertation at Tübingen University. 1975 to 1980 Fellow at State University in New York (Buffalo). 1985, Assistant Professor in Freiburg. From 1987, Associate Professor of Medicine at Frankfurt University. Since 1993, Professor at UKE and Senior Consultant for Nephrology. 2003 – 2007 additionally Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Hamburg.

Prof Dr rer. nat. Wittern
: Head of Research at Beiersdorf AG

Born 1950. Diploma in physics from Hamburg University. 1977, doctorate in physical chemistry (motion processes in zeolites). Since 1977, Head of Laboratory at Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg. Since 1983, Head of Department for Product Development. Responsible for further laboratories in Tokyo and New York. Since 1988, Head of Research and Development of cosmed - Beiersdorf AG. Since 2000, President of International Federation of the Societies of Cosmetic Chemists. Diverse publications and honors. Since 2003, Professor (food chemistry, body care) at Hamburg University.

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